100,000 PLAYLISTS!

Monday, August 6th, 2012 at 5:18pm by Will Moreland | Comments

It's happened. It's here. Today's the day. We've broke the 100,000 mark!

There are now 100,000 playlists and counting for you to discover here at SMP.

As the above – rather charming, if we do say so ourselves – infographic shows, over 200 new playlists are uploaded every day. It would take you almost a century and a half to listen to each and every last one of our playlists – that's over 17 million songs shared to date. 

Our Playlist Generator has created over 1.5 million playlists, and, each day, over 15,000 playlists are played through our website and app combined.

The most successful playlist of them all? Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. It's been in our Top 50 Chart for a record-breaking 88 weeks!

To celebrate this landmark occasion, we're going to be running a series of competitions throughout the week. To find out more, make sure you're following us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who's uploaded a playlist over the years. We love every last one of them. Here's to the next 100,000!

Long live the mixtape!