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90's Indie

90's Indie

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Eggstone – Have You Seen Mary

Eggstone – Against the Sun

The Cardigans – Rise & Shine

The Confusions – I Don't Want To Be Like You

Union Carbide Productions – Be Myself Again

Union Carbide Productions – Can't Hear Nothing

The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Blow My Cool

The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Grand Canaria

The Wannadies – Never Killed Anyone

The Wannadies – I Love You Love Me

The Wannadies – You And Me Song

The Bear Quartet – Who's Knocking

The Bear Quartet – Everlaster

This Perfect Day – Someone like you

This Perfect Day – Flamingo

Caesars – My Abduction Love

Caesars – Anything You Want

Popsicle – Not Forever

Popsicle – Hey Princess

Weeping Willows – While I'm Still Strong

Weeping Willows – Broken Promise Land

Broder Daniel – Lovesick

Broder Daniel – Luke Skywalker

Honey is Cool – Nach Heart

Sahara Hotnights – Quite a Feeling

Sahara Hotnights – Drive Dead Slow



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