B by I Am Kloot

Released 2009

Disk 1

# Track (click for lyrics) Artist
2.Proof - Demo
3.This House Is Haunted
5.Deep Blue Sea
6.The Mermen
7.Gods And Monsters - Two Lone Swordsmen Remix
8.Strange Little Girl
9.Junk Culture
10.Stop Taking Photographs
11.Big Tears
13.By Myself
14.A Million Things

Disk 2

# Track (click for lyrics) Artist
1.Blue And Bone China
2.Asleep At The Wheel
3.Fat Kids In Photographs
4.Ferris Wheels - Demo
5.Tell Me Something
6.The Face Of Alabaster
7.You Gotta Go
8.The Great Escape
10.Life In A Day - Live
11.Over My Shoulder - Demo
12.86TV's - Alternative Version
13.Twist - French
14.Dogs Howl