When Day Is Done by Mildred Bailey

This album consists of 1 release and was originally released in 2011

# Track (click for lyrics) Artist
1.The Sunny Side of Things - Remastered
2.T'ain't What You Do - Remastered
3.When Day Is Done - Remastered
4.Snowball - Remastered
5.At Sundown - Remastered
6.I Haven't Changed a Thing - Remastered
7.In Love In Vain - Remastered
8.Jumps Jumps Here - Remastered
9.Garden of the Moon - Remastered
10.Almost Like Being In Love - Remastered
11.It's a Woman's Prerogative - Remastered
12.Darn That Dream - Remastered
13.Barrelhouse Music - Remastered
14.How Can I Thank You - Remastered
15.Me and the Blues - Remastered
16.Can't We Be Friends? - Remastered
17.Rockin' Chair - Remastered
18.There'll Be Some Changes Made - Remastered
19.This Is Madness - Remastered
20.I'll Get By - Remastered
21.Love Is Where You Find It - Remastered
22.Savin' Myself for You - Remastered
23.Hold On - Remastered
24.Lover Come Back to Me - Remastered
25.Now It Can Be Told - Remastered
26.All That Glitters Is Not Gold - Remastered
27.Rock It for Me - Remastered
28.You Leave Me Breathless - Remastered
29.Gone On That Guy - Remastered
30.Thanks for the Memory - Remastered
31.Rockin' Chair - Remastered, Version 2
32.Georgia On My Mind - Remastered