Greatest Jazz Masters by Oscar Pettiford

This album consists of 1 release and was originally released in 2010

Disk 1

# Track (click for lyrics) Artist
1.Too Marvelous For WordsOscar Pettiford
2.I'm Beginning To See The LightOscar Pettiford
3.ScorpioOscar Pettiford
4.Bo-Bi My BoyOscar Pettiford
5.Kamman's A-Comin'Oscar Pettiford
6.LauraOscar Pettiford
7.Sonny BoyOscar Pettiford
8.Nica's TempoOscar Pettiford
9.Esquire BounceOscar Pettiford
10.Body And SoulOscar Pettiford
11.MonticelloOscar Pettiford
12.Time On My HandsOscar Pettiford
13.Cello AgainOscar Pettiford
14.Little NilesOscar Pettiford
15.RhumbluesOscar Pettiford
16.TamalpaisOscar Pettiford
17.Old ReliableOscar Pettiford
18.OscalypsoOscar Pettiford
19.Oscar Rides AgainOscar Pettiford
20.Ah-Dee-Dong BluesOscar Pettiford
21.Another OneOscar Pettiford
22.Marcel The FurrierOscar Pettiford
23.The Golden TouchOscar Pettiford
24.Deep PassionOscar Pettiford
25.Night In TunisiaOscar Pettiford
26.Something For YouOscar Pettiford
27.PerdidoOscar Pettiford
28.Blues In The ClosetOscar Pettiford
29.StardustOscar Pettiford
30.Jack The BearOscar Pettiford
31.Jack The FieldstalkerOscar Pettiford
32.The Gentle Art Of LoveOscar Pettiford
33.SomewhereOscar Pettiford
34.Not So SleepyOscar Pettiford
35.SpeculationOscar Pettiford
36.Two French FriesOscar Pettiford
37.Not Really The BluesOscar Pettiford
38.SextetOscar Pettiford

Disk 2

# Track (click for lyrics) Artist
1.Minor Seventh HeavenOscar Pettiford
2.Swamp FireOscar Pettiford
3.Sunrise - SunsetOscar Pettiford
4.Bei Mir Bist Du SchoenOscar Pettiford
5.Low And BeholdOscar Pettiford
6.Stockholm Sweetenin'Oscar Pettiford
7.Swingin' Till The Girls Come HomeOscar Pettiford
8.ChucklesOscar Pettiford
9.Seventh HeavenOscar Pettiford
10.TricotismOscar Pettiford
11.Bohemia After DarkOscar Pettiford
12.OndineOscar Pettiford
13.Cable CarOscar Pettiford
14.Mood IndigoOscar Pettiford
15.A Lady's VanityOscar Pettiford
16.TranslationOscar Pettiford
17.He's My GuyOscar Pettiford
18.My IdealOscar Pettiford
19.Smoke SignalOscar Pettiford
20.The Edge Of LoveOscar Pettiford
21.I Remember CliffordOscar Pettiford
22.In A Cello MoodOscar Pettiford
23.The Man I LoveOscar Pettiford
24.More MoonOscar Pettiford
25.Burt's PadOscar Pettiford
26.Now See How You AreOscar Pettiford
27.East LagOscar Pettiford
28.OP Meets LTOscar Pettiford
29.Suddenly It JumpedOscar Pettiford
30.Good BaitOscar Pettiford
31.Tom-Kattin'Oscar Pettiford
32.Chasin' The BaseOscar Pettiford
33.TitoroOscar Pettiford
34.SeabreezeOscar Pettiford
35.Don't SquawkOscar Pettiford
36.The Pendulum At Falcon's LairOscar Pettiford
37.Aw Come OnOscar Pettiford