Gold by The Velvet Underground

Released 2005

Disk 1

# Track (click for lyrics) Artist
1.I'm Waiting For The Man
2.Femme Fatale
3.Venus In Furs
4.Run Run Run
5.All Tomorrow's Parties
7.There She Goes Again
8.I'll Be Your Mirror
9.Sunday Morning
10.Chelsea Girls
11.It Was A Pleasure Then
12.White Light/White Heat
13.I Heard Her Call My Name
14.Sister Ray

Disk 2

# Track (click for lyrics) Artist
1.Temptation Inside Your Heart - Original Mix
2.Stephanie Says - Original Mix
3.Hey Mr. Rain - Version One
4.Candy Says - Closet Mix
5.What Goes On
6.Some Kinda Love
7.Pale Blue Eyes - Closet Mix
8.Beginning To See The Light - Closet Mix
9.Foggy Notion
10.I Can't Stand It
11.One Of These Days
12.Lisa Says
13.New Age - Live In San Francisco / 1969
14.Rock And Roll - Live / 1969
15.Ocean - Live In San Francisco / 1969
16.Sweet Jane - Live / 1969