Loaded: The Fully Loaded Edition by The Velvet Underground

This album consists of 1 release and was originally released in 1970

# Track (click for lyrics) Artist
1.Who Loves The Sun
2.Sweet Jane
3.Rock & Roll
4.Cool It Down
5.New Age
6.Head Held High
7.Lonesome Cowboy Bill
8.I Found A Reason
9.Train Round The Bend
10.Oh! Sweet Nothing
11.Ride Into The Sun - Demo Version
12.Ocean - Outtake Version
13.I'm Sticking With You - Outtake Version
14.I Love You - Demo Version
15.Rock & Roll
16.Head Held High - Alternate Mix
17.Who Loves The Sun - Alternate Version
18.Sweet Jane - Early Version
19.Rock & Roll
20.Cool It Down - Early Version
21.New Age - Full Length Version
22.Head Held High - Early Version
23.Lonesome Cowboy Bill - Early Version
24.I Found A Reason - Demo Version
25.Train Round The Bend - Alternate Mix
26.Oh! Sweet Nothing
27.Ocean - Demo Version
28.I Love You - Outtake Version
29.Satellite Of Love - Alternate Demo Version
30.Oh Gin - Demo Version
31.Walk And Talk - Demo Version
32.Sad Song - Demo Version
33.Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall - Demo Version