Where Did The Night Fall: Another Night Out by UNKLE

Released 2011

# Track (click for lyrics) Artist
2.Follow Me Down (feat. Sleepy Sun)
3.Natural Selection (feat. The Black Angels)
4.Joy Factory (feat. Autolux)
5.The Answer (feat. Big In Japan (Baltimore))
6.On A Wire (feat. ELLE J)
7.Falling Stars (feat. Gavin Clark)
8.Caged Bird (feat. Katrina Ford)
9.Heavy Drug
11.The Runaway (feat. ELLE J)
12.Ever Rest (feat. Joel Cadbury)
13.The Healing (feat. Gavin Clark)
14.Another Night Out (feat. Mark Lanegan)
16.In My Mind (feat. Gavin Clark)
17.Money and Run (feat. Nick Cave)
18.The Dog Is Black (feat. Leila Moss)
19.Only The Lonely - Over Dub
20.Wash The Love Away (feat. Gavin Clark)
21.Sunday Song (feat. Rachel Fannan)
22.With You In My Head (feat. Black Angels)
23.Country Tune (feat. Gavin Clark)
24.Not A Sound
25.When The Lights Go Out/We Own The Night
26.Every Single Prayer (feat. Gavin Clark)