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BBC Radio 2 Playlist - Updated Regularly

All the songs from BBC Radio 2's official weekly playlist compiled into one handy list on Spotify.

The official Radio 2 playlist currently includes an unnamed selection of tracks from the new James Blunt and Rumer albums, so the above tracks may change in order to keep the chosen selection fresh.

Note: Only the songs available in Spotify are included in the BBC radio playlists, and availability of missing songs is checked regularly. Sometimes, the official playlist on the BBC website is not updated on the day it should be, but I'll continue to monitor the page in the meantime. Also, due to the list going up over the weekend, depending on circumstances I may not be able to update it myself on the day. Apologies in advance!

The Radio 2 playlist on the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/music/playlist/



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