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Chuck Season 3

This is the soundtrack from Chuck Season 3, according to http://chucktv.net/music/music-season-3/.

Missing Tracks include:


“Roll My Eyes” by The Gray Kid

“El Yerbero – Yerba Caliente” by Jesus Alejandro El Nino

“Cafecito ins.” by Jesus Alejandro El Nino

“Songozon – Gozando El Son” by the Latin Mambo Orchestra

“Living a Lie!” by Daniel Zott [Available from artists site]

“Bululu” by Jesus Alejandro El Nino

“Arroz Con Pollo” by Martin Padilla

“Bedside Manner” by Dawes

“You Know You Want It” by Green Go

“Black & Blue” by the Maids of Honor

“Permalight” by Rogue Wave

“In My Sleep” by Austin Hartley-Leonard

“Bye Bye Bye” by Plants and Animals



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