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CMU #78: Peggy Sue

Occupying a transient territory somewhere between Brighton, London and the rest of the world, folk trio Peggy Sue formed in 2005, releasing a string of singles and EPs before signing with Wichita for their first album ‘Fossils And Phantoms’. Written on the road whilst touring their debut across Europe and the US, new LP ‘Acrobats’ foregoes much of its predecessor’s bruised, lovelorn acoustica in favour of a stronger, more unified sonic intent, as broadcast in the six minute electric snarl of opener ‘Cut My Teeth’.

“I’m really proud of it, I see it as a sort of prologue – it tells the story of the movement from our first to our second album”, says co-frontwoman Katy Beth Young. “We’re proud of the way we put it together as a three-piece; the new songs feel very much like they’re all of ours together”.

Peggy Sue cite alt-rock acts like The Breeders and Sonic Youth as the main inspiration for their latest album, which was recorded in Bristol with producer John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse). Says Katy: “Two years ago, I couldn’t understand how Sonic Youth could make those noises, but now I can. The simpler influences are still there but they have taken a back seat”.

CMU asked Katy and fellow front-femme Rosa Slade to name their preferred musical peers and heroes via their very own Powers Of Ten Playlist.

Find out more about their choices <a href="http://www.thecmuwebsite.com/article/peggy-sues-powers-of-ten-playlist/">here</a>.



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