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CMU #91: Porcelain Raft

After years of writing music as he travelled from his native Italy, across Europe, to the United States, and back again, Mauro Remiddi’s sound slowly developed into Porcelain Raft. With songs built up from layers of guitar, synths, drum machines and anything else lying around, Porcelain Raft’s music is a swirl of dream-pop mood and melody.

Having put out a string of self-released EPs through Bandcamp, Remiddi signed to Secretly Canadian last year for his debut album ‘Strange Weekend’. Released on 23 Jan, its distinct sound clearly comes from a deep love of music. So, CMU asked Mauro to help us unravel his influences by putting together this ten track playlist.

Find out more about Porcelain Raft's playlist choices <a href="http://www.thecmuwebsite.com/article/playlist-porcelain-raft/">here</a>.



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