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CMU #70: Mary Anne Hobbs

Last July, Mary Anne Hobbs announced her departure from BBC Radio 1, a station on which she had been presenting shows for fourteen years, covering a diverse range of genres through programmes such as the Rock Show and experimental electronic music programme The Breezeblock.

The news of her departure was something of a shock, as was the fact that – being an incredibly important figure in underground music – she was apparently leaving radio altogether. However, she later explained in an article for Billboard that her 2-4am slot on Radio 1 “was beginning to feel like a dungeon”.

She came to the BBC’s flagship music station from Xfm, and this weekend it is there she returns to with a brand new Saturday evening slot.

Hobbs told CMU: “I had to take a risk… It was time to see if I could redefine radio and really break some new ground by winning a primetime slot for the music I love and believe in. I wanted to raise the entire platform on the basis of creative significance, not commercial success. Xfm understood that vision and gave me a primetime slot on Saturday nights 7-10pm, beginning 9 Jul. It’s such a victory for the artists, the listeners and everyone in my world”.

CMU also got Mary Anne to put together a Powers Of Ten playlist. Because when the opportunity for her to play you some songs arises, you bloody well take it.

Find out why Mary Anne chose each of these tracks <a href="http://www.thecmuwebsite.com/article/mary-anne-hobbs-powers-of-ten-playlist/">here</a>.



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