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Covers In a Different Genre

This playlist started with content crowdsourced from a question on Quora (http://www.quora.com) that I really enjoy: "What are the best song covers in a completely different genre? Why?" http://qr.ae/7h1Vz Over time, I've added subscriber suggestions that don't appear in the answers to that question, but are still good candidates for the playlist.

It features songs covered by artists singing songs in a completely different genre than the original artist, and includes rap, pop and rock songs sung in totally different ways. Some of my favorites includes "Hot In Herre" covered by Jenny Owens Young, "Gin and Juice" covered by the Gourds, "Hurt" covered by Johnny Cash, " and "Baby One More Time" covered by Fountains of Wayne. Others include "With A Little Help From My Friends" covered by Joe Cocker, Mad World covered by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules, Smooth Criminal covered by Alien Ant Farm, and "All Along The Watchtower" covered by Jimi Hendrix (all better than the original artists in my opinion).

I have not compiled all of the songs crowdsourced by the answers to that question (that are available on Spotify), so I will update this playlist as I have time. I'm also open to suggestions -- if you have good candidates for the playlist, send them to me via Spotify.



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