Why should I create a Playlists.net account?

By registering on Playlists.net you can gain the following additional features:

  • Automatically have Spotify playlists you submit linked to your account
  • Create a favourite Spotify playlists list so you (and others) can view your favourite playlists from anywhere in the world
  • Ability to choose any avatar so others can 'see' who you are
  • Make friends with other Playlists.net members who have similar music tastes to you
How do I create an account?

At the top of EVERY page there is a "sign up" button - click on this and then pop in your details on the registration page. Alternatively you can sign up with one click using your Twitter or Facebook login details.

How do I submit a playlists?

Click on the "Submit your Playlist" image at the top of every page and this will open a new area where you can enter your playlist information

  • Spotify URL - enter the HTTP link of your Spotify playlist in this box
  • Playlist title - enter the name of your playlist
  • Valid Email (subscribe to mailing list) - enter your email address to subscribe to our newsletter
  • Description - Enter some notes on why your playlist rocks
  • Add Playlist Cover Art - click browse, pick a playlist image from your computer then press Upload Now to store this image on our server
  • Genre - Pick the main musical Genre your playlist fits under
  • Send - Click the send button to submit your playlist. Note, your playlist will take a minute or two to appear on the site

How do I edit a playlist that I have already submitted?

You can edit any playlist title or playlist description you have submitted to Playlists.net by clicking on the "edit playlist" button next to your playlist when you are logged in. Once you have made your edits just click on the "save" button and the playlist will be updated. If you want to change or add / remove a playlist image click on the "change image" button. This will open a file upload window where you can select a new playlist image by clicking the "browse" button. Once you select the image on your computer you want to use then click "upload" and the image will be stored on our server temporarily. To save this new image to your playlist click "send" to post and your playlist's image will be updated.

How do I add or remove a playlist to my favourites list?

If you are logged into your Playlists.net account then on ANY Spotify playlist page you will see an "add to favourites" button next to it - click on this and you will be able to retrieve this at a later date from the Playlists area of your profile. To remove a playlist from your favourites simply click on the "remove from favourites" link next to it.

Using your Playlists.net account

Your Playlists.net account is your identity on the site and is a very powerful yet personal thing. You have the ability to build up an online musical profile so others can see and hear exactly what makes you YOU!

  • Activity - Activity streams aggregate all of your activity across Playlists.net All of your friends activity is also recorded so you can check what others are doing on the site. Wire posts, blogs posts, new friendships and blog comments are among the most popular activities recorded.
  • Profile - This is YOUR public Playlists.net face and as such should be as complete as possible so others can see what makes you tick.
  • Wall - The wall is a place where friends and other Playlists.net members can come along and post messages to your wall.
  • Messages - Playlists.net private messaging works like internal site email. Members can message people on their friends list as well as forward and reply to received messages. Each member has their own individual Inbox, Sent box, and Drafts folder. They will be notified of new messages by a new message count as well as email notifications if enabled. Sending of messages to multiple friends, as well as site wide messages by an administrator are also possible.
  • Friends - Playlists.net Members can be connected together by one member adding another as a "friend" and then the other member accepting the friendship request. Each member has a visible list of their friends on the site. Friends lists are browsable and members can click on each friend to see more information - or add them as their own friend. The ability to search for members by and piece of profile information is also included in with the built in members directory.
  • Settings - Change your password in here. Also change your Email notification settings such as when someone messages you etc
  • Playlists - Here you will see ALL the Spotify playlists you have submitted to Playlists.net as well as any playlists you have added to your favourite list.
Using Spotify

How to create a Spotify playlist

  • Go to "File" on the Spotify toolbar then choose "New Playlist".
  • This will create a new playlist in the left hand navigation pane, you can rename it anything you want.
  • When playing your favourite songs simply right click and then choose "Save to" and the name of your playlist
  • You're done! All of your favourite tracks will be saved into the playlist.

How to share your Spotify playlist with the world using Playlists.net

  • In the left hand navigation pane of Spotify, hover your mouse over the playlist you wish to share and right click it then select "Copy Spotify URI"
  • This will save the Spotify URI into your clipboard. So whenever you choose "paste" it will copy.
  • So now go to the homepage of Playlists.net and click on the "Submit your Playlist"
  • This will open a window, in the "Spotify URL" field simply paste your Spotify URI from step 2. It will look something like this: spotify:user:nathanleebeats:playlist:6tylIq5Hlq0tJh0uGbA8Wr
  • Complete the rest of the fields as requested and then click "send"