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Fingerpicked: October 2011

Playlist: when the days are getting shorter and the nights longer - october 2011

No. 1

Roedelius & Schneider - Liebe (Bureau B, 2011)

This is a perfect hook up of old school electronica and classical modernism. Steve Reich would most definitely appreciate this study of loveliness.

No. 2

Owen - I Believe (Polyvinyl, 2011)

Beautifully arranged pop music. And even with its Hallelujahas and Jesus affirming lyrics this goes straight to the heart.

No. 3

Coach House Rhythm Section - No Such Thing (Ice, 1980)

Yeah, Eddy Grant's instrumental project not only delievered the epitomous and timeless club monster Timewarp, but also this funky drift. Hooky!

No. 4

Marcos Valle - Garimpando (Som Livre, 1981)

Funky and balearic shit from Brazil's finest. Valle released some very nice albums in the early eighties. This track is one of our favourites.

No. 5

Suzanne Kraft - Femme Cosmic (Running Back, 2011)

After Tiger & Woods quality imprint Running Back introduces Suzanne Kraft. Another mysterious nudisco act that edits beyond edits the best out of disco's rich heritage.

No. 6

Michael Wynn Band - Black Night (Ariola, 1978)

Somewhere between ELO and Exile, this rockdisco nugget should be edited by the Seahawks. Or did they already?

No. 7

Giorgio Tuma - Sitting On The Little Church Steps (Elefant Records, 2011)

You would probably never guess that this comes out of Italy of all places. Well, the band name reveals somehow. It's a shiny beauty, and yes, there are lots of church steps in Italy you could sing about.

No. 8

AM & Shawn Lee - Can't Figure It Out (ESL Music, 2011)

We've been huge fans of Shawn Lee since day one. Here is another proof of this man's genius. Also check out the mix he did about 18 months ago for our website.

No. 9

Axel Boman - What Do You Need (Studio Barnhus, 2011)

Been a while since we had such a fantastic house/nu disco producer from Sweden on the map. Boman makes music with a twist and humor to it. No wonder he releases on DJ Koze's Pampa Records.

No. 10

BOOF - Lulu Is Gonna Win The Race (Spectrum, 2011)

The genius of Maurice Fulton is back. Under his disguise BOOF he once again denconstructs house music and adds jazzy overtones always on the edge of being out of tune. Mindboggeling!

No. 11

Mark E - Call Me (Dixon Edit) (Merc, 2011)

Why wasnt this on his latest album? Best track Mark E did this year at least. Building and building and then we have Mrs. Ross coming in. So damn sexy.

No. 12

Agaric - No Way I Know I Feel (Axel Boman Remix) (Ovum, 2011)

Another example how good this Boman dude is. Brilliant remix for Agaric. Belter!

No. 13

Capablanca & T Keeler - No Hay Ritmo (Gomma, 2011)

We first heard this in a club this spring played out by Hugo Capablanca. And right there we knew this will be a floor filler for the next six months. Spanish!

No. 14

Tropics - On The Move (Planet Mu, 2011)

Similar to the sounds of Chad Valley, Numbers and of course Washed Out, the Tropics really know how to work a sampler. Breaking those beats up to make a new wave of balearic dream pop. Sound of 2012?

No. 15

Tridact - Time To Go (Internasjonal, 2011)

This sublabel of Prins Thomas' Full Pupp keeps it always a bit more balearic. Another good reason to love this imprint comes via Tridact's new album. Nice!

No. 16

Mia Doi Todd - Summer Lover (City Zen, 2011)

Dropped by Bing Ji Ling in one of our latest guest mixes. What a timeless end-of-the-summer gem! Too good to be true.

No. 17

Joe Jackson - Stepping Out (Live) (A&M, 1990)

Heard in a recent mix by Steve Lee from Project Club. One of our all time favourite songs in a subtle, mellow rendition.

No. 18

Feist - Get It Wrong Get It Right (Polydor, 2011)

Off her new album Metals. Back from the iPod commercial Leslie Feist gets excentric again. An album you really have to get into. Genius!

No. 19

Satin & Green - Spectacular (Quality, 1982)

When it comes to boogie there's no better year than 82. This Italian two stepper makes you smile and move your booty at the same time. Spectacular!

No. 20

Carly Simon - Tranquillo (Melt My Heart) (Elektra,1978)

Sexy like a Bee Gees track, Carly goes second floor. Upstairs to the bedrooms. This sounds inviting.



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