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Finger Playlist: Jazzanova


is one of the foremost proponents of worn out terms like «Nu Jazz», «Chillout» and «Jazz House». Since 1995 the six-membered DJ/producer collective from Berlin have been pushing the danceable side of black music forward to such an extend that their own style can’t be classified anymore. They released several records, made some oustanding remixes and run the regardful Sonar Kollektiv record label.


Which song do you listen to when...you feel like 1982?

Magnificent Three & Fearless Master - Crush

you come home from the club?

Oft etwas aus dem Radio, das man nicht beinflussen kann, wenn überhaupt.

you take a bubble bath?

Dick Annegarn

you relax on a beach?

Fat Freddy's Drop

you ride a bicycle?

Kraftwerk - Tour de France

you camp in the desert?

The Cairo Jazz Band

you go to a club?

Juan Atkins - Jazz Is The Teacher

you cook?

The Beach Boys - Vegetables

you run from the cops?

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

you run naked through a cornfield?

Ben Sidran - Now I Live

you prepare for an important date?

Jon Lucien

you are in a depressive mood?

Krzysztof Penderecki

you want to disturb your neighbours?

Passiert nur unbewusst.

you drive a car late at night?

Caetano Veloso - It's A Long Way

you drive into the country?

The Brooklyn Bridge - Minstrel Sunday

you go fishing?

Geoffrey Stoner - Bend Your Head Low

you are on a football field?

A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It?

you walk through a dark forest?

Ich würde nicht die Aura der Dunkelheit zerstören wollen. Also bitte keine Musik.

you take part in a peace rally?

Udo Jürgens - Peace Now

you had enough of this world?

The Beatles - A Day In The Life

you play lego?

Baby Dream Vol. 19 - Backe Backe Kuchen

you are love sick?

Eric Roberson - Couldn't Hear Me

you make breakfast?

Ferdi ֖zbegen - Köprüden Gecti Gelin

you make love?

Würde mich zu sehr verwirren...

you jump out of a plane with a parachute?

Van Halen - Jump

you meet your parents?

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

Aber bitte die ganze Seite der Scheibe.

you sit in a plane?

Neue Demos.

you have to answer an elusive questionnaire?

Nick Drake

you rob a bank?

The Serves - I'm A Man

you wash the windows of a skyscraper?

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle

you smuggle diamonds?

Serge Gainsbourg - Melody

you sit in the subway?

The Super Sisters

Alles von The Super Sisters.

you are on the tour bus?

Veronika Fischer - Hey, Wir Fahrn Mit Dem Zug

you wake up?

Doris - Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Babe?

you work in the garden?

Niemals versucht.... vielleicht etwas funky Rare Groove-mässiges.

a song that reminds you of school

Loose Ends - Hangin’ On A String (Contemplating)

perfect anthem for Berlin

Ich mag keine Hymnen für Grenzen.

best Beatles song

So ein Gesamtkunstwerk an Musik kann man nicht auf ein Stück reduzieren.

record you were looking for the longest

Ich komme irgendwann an alles ran...

first record you remember

Nicki der kleine weisse Hase

the song to be played at your funeral

Es gibt noch viel zu entdecken...

your ultimate heartbreak song

Dexter Wansel - The Sweetest Pain

first record you bought

Elvis Presley - King Creole

a song you would use as a ring-tone

Nein... lieber globales Mobilverbot.

best video clip you ever saw

Herbie Hancock - Rockit

a song you wish you'd written yourself

George Gershwin - Summertime



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