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Finger Playlist: Marcus Bonfanti

Marcus Bonfanti

deserves to become the next British blues guitar hero. He's from north London, the son of an Italian dad and a British mum who apparently owned an album collection that included the likes of Zeppelin and Tony Joe White. Bonfanti is a wildly versatile guitarist who can handle almost anything in the electric-, country- or folk-blues field, and his songs range from stomping blues through to delicate acoustic finger-picking.


best Beatles song

The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Ha ha wow, I can't choose um... I would have to say right now «I Want You (She's So Heavy)», but that will change by tomorrow.

best concert you ever attended

Tom Waits

In Edinburgh. I bought me and my girlfriend two tickets to this show. £95 each, best money I ever spent. Although it was all the money I owned. So we had to sleep in the car afterwards. Seemed fittingly.

a song guaranteed to make you feel depressed

Jeff Buckley - Lover You Should Have Come Over

I was going through a real tough time about five years ago and being addicted to this song didn't help matters. Its beauty and pain all in one.

record you were looking for the longest

Paul Kossoff - Backstreet Crawler

I had been looking for this record for years until a friend of mine found it, framed it and gave it to me for christmas three years ago. What a record.

a record you fell in love to

Joni Mitchell - Blue

Except I fell in love with Joni to this record. I wish I’d been born in the 50’s then me and Joni could have had a chance.

the song to be played at your funeral

Tom Waits - San Diego Serenade

«Never heard the melody till I needed the song...». Just about sums it all up doesn’t it?

a song that evokes the greatest summer of your life

Muddy Waters - Electric Mud

I listened to this record all last summer when I was touring with Findlay Brown across the states having a crazy time, almost dying and playing some amazing shows.

your guilty pleasure song

Extreme - More Than Words

Again it reminds me of being at parties and trying to impress girls by playing this. I had the guitar part down, couldn't sing anywhere near it, so the reception was luke warm at best...

your ultimate heartbreak song

Tom Hickox - Let Me Be Your Lover

This guy plays around London a lot. I've shared the bill with him a few times and this song breaks my heart everytime I hear it.

perfect anthem for London

Freddie King - My Credit Didn't Go Through

No one’s got no money in this city right now but we're all still having a good time and no one can stop us, no matter how hard they might be trying.

your party anthem

Freddie King - Pack It Up

Unbelievable groove on this tune. It’s impossible to sit down when this comes on the stereo.

Led Zeppelin - Black Dog

You should see the parties we have at the flat,this tune turns normally quiet people into rock monsters.

first record you bought

Queen - Queen’s Greatest Hits

I bought it on cassette from «Our Price». I saved all my pocket money for it. And I still have it actually.

a song that reminds your friends of you

Bill Withers - Use Me

I would say. My old blues band used to do a killer version of this song. All my friends would come to Hannah’s bar in Liverpool to dance the morning in to this song.

best soundtrack ever

Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Great mix of country, Delta blues and Spirituals. Good introduction for people wanting to know more about that sort of music.

your sunday morning song

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Up Above My Head

I listen to a lot of gospel and spiritual music. But hazy sundays are best accompanied by this track.

a song you wish you'd written yourself

John Martyn - May You Never

This song is just perfection, really simple but unbelievably meaningful lyrically. What a songwriter John Martyn was and what a legacy he leaves behind.



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