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Finger Playlist: Mark Archer

Mark Archer

was in the centre of the early 90's rave-mayhem with Altern 8 (remember the masks!). Archer and recording partner Chris Peat scored a UK-Top-3-hit with «Active 8» in 1991. The duo also produced techno-tracks as Nexus 21 («Logical Progression»). After the split Archer released as Slo Moshun («Bells Of NY») and various other names. Today he is producing techno and djing with old school vinyl, causing almost the same mayhem like back in the days.

a song that reminds you of school

New Order - Blue Monday/The Beach

Some lad in my art class had this on tape repeated for the whole two sides of the tape and pestered the teacher to let him play it, was proper drilled into your head by the end of the lesson but it's a proper classic and I never get tired of it.

best concert you ever attended

Got to see Chic a few years back at Creamfields, Sunday afternoon, sun shining and Chic doing all their hits and the ones produced for Sister Sledge – classic!

your boozed up anthem

E-Dancer - Grab The Beat (Joey Beltram Mix)

Way faster than the original but sticks pretty close music wise, absolute belter of a tune and you can't sit still to it!

a song guaranteed to make you feel depressed

Anything by Scooter.

record you were looking for the longest

Santos - Work The Box (Space The Box)

From 1986, I heard it on a Derrick May tape from 1990 and only found out what it was earlier this year.

a record you fell in love to

Forgemasters - Track With No Name

Sounds like a bit of an odd choice with it not being a smoochy tune but it was playing in the background the first night I met my fiance so it's pretty special.

first record you remember

The Ventures - Let There Be Drums

Me and my brother were given an old record player and a bunch of 78rpm 10" singles, this was one of them and the only reason I remember this out of them all was because I dropped it and it smashed into little bits. I thought I was going to be in big trouble.

first video clip you remember?

Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry

Probably Jona Lewie «Stop The Cavalry» from 1981 and I have no idea why

the song to be played at your funeral

Plus One - It's Happenin'

An all time favourite of mine and the title wouldn't be wrong.

a song that evokes the greatest summer of your life

Jamiroquai - Mr Moon

Very special tune that mapped a brilliant summer a few years ago. One of those songs where the words can seem really personal.

your ultimate heartbreak song

Judy Tzuke - Stay With Me Till Dawn

Really meaningful and beautiful track, can make you smile but at the same time has the power to upset you if your love life's not going so well.

best Kraftwerk song

Kraftwerk - Tour De France

Kraftwerk - Numbers

Toss up between «Numbers» and «Tour De France».

your liberation anthem

Slo Moshun - Bells Of New York

After the working relationship went sour and Altern 8 was no more it was great to start working on new material and hitting a home run with this track just made it all the more special.

your party anthem

Outlander - Vamp

If you don't dance to this then you're already 6 feet under.

first record you bought

Gary Numan - Cars

Closely followed by «Are Friends Electric». I was into all sorts of music at that time (1979) but this track stood out and I plucked up the courage to brave the dreaded record shop and get it on 7".

a song that reminds your friends of you

Sugar Bear - Don't Scandalize Mine

I used to do a two copy mix a fair bit at the start of an oldskool set before going into more housey stuff so I guess it stood out a bit.

a song you would use as a ring-tone

Armando - Downfall

Just love the tune to bits, one of my favourite acid tunes and it's not one you end up cringing about and having to change.

a song to seduce you

Songs don't work on me, has to be a woman.

a song you would send over the ocean

Mark Archer - Songs For Einna

I sent a copy of my «Songs For Einna»-EP to Derrick May so I reckon that counts.

the perfect anthem for Stafford

Altern 8 - Activ 8

Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives

Either «Activ 8» by Altern 8 or «Playing With Knives» by Bizarre Inc. They were at number 4 in the charts and we were number 3 the same week, bit of a special time for Stafford.

your sunday morning song

Gelka - When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go

Sunday mornings don't really exist for me as I'm still usually partying from the night before but if i'm ever at home it would be something laid back like «When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go» by Gelka.

a song you wish you'd written yourself

Derrick May

Anything by Derrick May – that simple



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