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Have A Nice Day - The 70s

Rhinofy presents a hit-packed playlist from an era before MTV and downloads, when AM Top 40 radio ruled, updated every Friday! If you turned on your cheap transistor at any given moment, you were treated to a virtual smorgasbord of musical delights from all genres of popular music—rock, pop, R&B, disco, singer-songwriter, country, novelty, and more. This stuff was everywhere—in your car and in your bedroom; on the school bus (if you had a gnarly driver) during the week, and at parties and in clubs and concert halls on the weekend; on your color television (whether your show of choice was American Bandstand, Soul Train, or The Midnight Special), and in the movie theater. From the legends to the one-or-two-hit wonders, Rhino brings it back in all of its bellbottomed splendor, cherry-picked by our experts who lived and breathed those times in real time. Whether they inhaled or not is another story for another day.



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