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Hooked on Peter

Peter Hook, the founder and bass player of particularly Joy Division and New Order, plays bass like no other. Sting, Mark King and others can throw themselves against the wall.

Hooky’s melodic and unmistakable style is one of the most mimicked. He invented it more or less by force, as a speaker he had when starting playing with Joy Division was so bad that he had to play loud to hear himself in competition with Bernard Sumner's even louder guitar. His style took a prominent role early on and later came to characterize the music of his bands completely. Just listen to New Order's "Age of Consent" and you’ll get it. Nor will you have any troubles picking out his major part in the John Peel tribute "Ever Fallen In Love ...".

A man of such caliber deserves, of course, a playlist of his own. Here I’ve collected some of his best moments from Joy Division, New Order (sometimes both on vocals and bass) and his other bands. In addition, some more or less successful guest appearances.



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