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New Releases – November 2011

<p>As an accompaniment to our devastatingly pithy, regular blog post, <a href="../../../../blog/" target="_blank">Singles Club</a> – which looks at the best and worst of the week's new releases on Spotify – you'll find all of the tracks we review, along with a few added extras, on this handy playlist.

No need to thank us, we're just dead nice like that.

Don't forget to add your comments below. We want to know what tracks you're loving and which ones you're loathing, as well as any new tunes you think deserve a place on this playlist.

Also, check out <a href="http://sharemyplaylists.com/new-releases-october-2011" target="_blank">New Releases – October 2011</a> playlist here.

<em><strong>Long live the mixtape!</strong></em></p>



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