New feature alert: Badges

Friday, January 21st, 2011 at 5:02pm | Comments

Your first tentative footsteps as a nipper, the first gargled words you ever spoke, your first nerve-wracking day of school; the first time you held hands, that first kiss, and the very first time you had sssShare My Playlists award you one of our brand spanking new user badges. Get in!

All monumental days in our lives, agreed, but none more important than receiving acknowledgment from us lot about how brilliant a playlister you are, yes?

Let us explain: From now on as well as experiencing the unbridled joy that comes with sharing your playlists with the whole world through SMP, you'll also be rewarded handsomely for doing so with one of our highly coveted badges.

Here's what we've got on offer – prepare to want them all:

Super User

A bit hush-hush these ones: awarded to only our most loyal users. How, you ask? That's for us to know and you to find out.

Featured Playlist

You know that carousel bit, constantly turning at the top of our homepage? Well that's our Featured section. Get your playlist on there and this badge is yours – cream of the crop only, obviously.

Number 1 user

Get to the summit of our Top 50 Members chart and this little beauty is all yours. You want it, don't you?


These gems are award to SMP users that constantly produce top draw, innovative playlists. Get creative before you get uploading if you want one of these – they don't come easy.

Silver Disc

25,000 plays of your playlist will earn you this bad lad.

Gold Disc

50,000 if you want one of these.

Platinum Disc

This one will cost you 100,000 plays.

Multi Platinum Disc

Reach the holy grail of 200,000 playlist and this valuable asset is all yours.

New Entry

You'll score this sexy little cassette by landing a playlist in our Top 50 Playlists chart.

Number 1

Guess what you need for one of these? That's it, a number one hit on our Top 50 Playlists chart.

10 Weeks

Once your there, hang around for ten weeks and you'll also get one these.

20 Weeks

Double your time on the chart for one of these.

30 Weeks

30 weeks? You're like a bad smell – can't get rid of you. This is your reward though. Good, innit?

 40 Weeks

Creat a 40-weeker and we'll give you one of these.

 50 Weeks

50 weeks my friend? You are a playlist master. We doth our cap and give you this most precious of badges.

What do you think then – awesome or what?

It's up to you to earn them now we've made them, so get creative with your playlists and promote them as much as you possibly can – on Facebook, Twitter, your Blog and absolutely anywhere and everywhere else you think will earn you those all important plays.

Now go forth and earn badges playlisters, go forth and earn...

Long live the mixtape!