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Pitchfork's Greatest Songs of the 60s

People always ask: "When is Pitchfork gonna run a list of the top albums of the 1960s?" The answer now? Probably never. Not that we didn't consider it. It's just that when we sat down to map it all out, we found it would be more rewarding to approach the decade through its songs instead. After all, it was by and large a single-oriented era-- the long-player didn't really take over as a creative medium until the 60s had nearly come to an end. And besides, Revolver 's ego is out of hand as it is.

So now, after a week's worth of counting down from 200, we are thrilled to reveal, at last, the 20 greatest songs of the 1960s, as determined the Pitchfork editorial staff-- a group admittedly too young to have experienced the decade firsthand, but old enough to know it had more to offer than "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction".



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