Playlist reviews: The weekend has landed...

Friday, March 9th, 2012 at 7:38pm by Will Moreland | Comments

Boozing? Snoozing? Sleazing? Raving? Yep. Whatever your weekend plans may be, we've got the soundtracks sorted. Eyeballs south to check them out...

Drinking Songs & Sing-Alongs

The weekend's not complete without a drink or two: couple of beers with old friends ... glass of wine with your other half ... bottle of gin all alone in a darkened room ... Whatever you're quaffing this weekend, why not have this collection of boozy songs as background noise? *PLEASE LISTEN RESPONSIBLY*

Chill Out Downtempo Trip-Hop Lounge Nu-Jazz

Maybe you're not having a boozy weekend. In fact, maybe you're planning on not doing very much at all. Well, we've got a playlist for that, too. Relax, unwind and generally slob around to the sounds of Air, Thievery Corporation, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Gold Panda, Bonobo, DJ Shadow, Fink and more. Beautifully put together mixtape, this one.

Don Draper Seduction Music

Ask yourself this: What would Don do? What would Don do with his weekend? What would Don listen to? The answer, is, invariably, womanising. If you're planning some womanising or indeed manising (that's definitely a thing – don't bother checking it) this weekend, these are the seductive 60s sounds you need to help you on your way. It's what Don would do.

Deep house, trance, minimal, techno

We end, as always, with a playlist ready-made for those of you planning on raving and misbehaving this weekend. Tobias Lindeborg is in charge of the beats: Butch, Laurent Garnier, Nick Curly, Steve Bug, Nima Gorji, Joris Voorn and Dubfire represent the pick of the crop – spanning everything from deep and tech house, to techno, minimal and there's even some main room tunes thrown in for good measure.

Long live the mixtape!