Playlist reviews: Top 50 Playlists Chart

Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 7:53pm by Will Moreland | Comments

Welcome along to our weekly perusal of the best new mixtapes our fine establishment has to offer: the SMP Top 50 Playlists Chart.

Check out this week's chart debutants and SMP badge winners below...

My Name is Brian (and I'm awesome)

Without a shadow of a doubt, our playlist of the week is My Name is Brian (and I'm awesome). Now, admittedly, that is a pretty poor title. But it's true – Brian really is awesome. He's created a mixtape that doubles as a job application – read the track titles in order. And guess what ... Brian received job offers! Well done that man.

SMP Top 50 Playlists Chart position: 13

PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM - Famous Movie Songs & Melodies

This next playlist is a must-hear for cinephiles. We highly recommend you give the PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM series a spin – each playlist is meticulously crafted by movie buff  El Mestre. "In this personal playlist," he says, "you have got more than 260 songs or melodies belonging to well known movies." Henry Mancini, Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, John Williams, John Barry and more.

SMP Top 50 Playlists Chart position: 18

NME's Best Songs Of The 60s

The good old NME is 60 this year! To mark the occasion, they're celebrating with the best music from each decade of their lifetime. On this playlist, they count down the best tracks from the 1960s – from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan, The Stooges to The Velvet Underground, Otis Redding to Aretha Franklin and beyond.

SMP Top 50 Playlists Chart position: 22

Alternative & Indie March 2012

Who's up for some brand spanking new indie music courtesy of Putxo Pitzular and the superb March edition of his Alternative & Indie series? This month, we're all over tracks by The Cribs, Blood Red Shoes, Holy Ghost!, Mint Julep, The Magnetic Fields and Jack White – all featured here. 

SMP Top 50 Playlists Chart position: 26

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Long live the mixtape!