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Post Hardcore + Metalcore + Screamo


Awesome music genres such as Post Hardcore, Metalcore, Screamo and so on.. so if you like some heavy shit, listen to this playlist.. and do NOT forget to subscribe, I know that you would be deeply hurt if you lost this playlist!!

The best thing about this playlist, besides the head banging screaming awesome bands, is that all of the bands only have about 3-4 songs each on the playlist, so you can just put on the shuffle and explore this awesomeness music-experience.

Some of the bands (only a few mentioned):


Miss May I

Inhale Exhale

Heaven Shall Burn

The Devil Wears Prada

With One Last Breath

Suicide Silence

Texas In July


Parkway Drive

A Day To Remember

Bullet For My Valentine

Bring Me The Horizon

Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Aim For The Sunrise

A Traitor Like Judas

Sonic Syndicate



Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal


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