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Punk Women part 6

Compiling a playlist for the years 2000 to 2010 was quite a daunting prospect, especially as I was innocently compiling it at around the same time as publications and websites throughout the country were compiling their own, rather more rigorous, decade defining musical lists. I can't claim to have drawn up a list that is the last word on music from the noughties, but I do hope that I've managed to draw up a list that serves as a musical background in some small way to the past ten years whilst also reflecting the continuing influence of punk, and the return to the fray of a number of women from the punk era. There were innumerable musical moments and scenes I haven't included, as has been the case with the other five playlists, and given the recent nature of the music this time, I felt less inclined to include some of the more played to death tracks of the past ten years as I felt that we'd all suffered enough where some of them were concerned. I will add that I am indebted to anyone who has ever made me a mixtape or mix CD in the past 10 years, especially Jane Appleby, Michelle Drury, Amanda Morgan, Sara Shepherd and David Wilkinson. Many of your selections from many of those compilations have found their way into this playlist.



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