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Songs of My Father

I was lucky to have grown up in a household filled with music. My dad has one of those insane memories where he can tell you the title, artist and year a song was released after hearing just a few bars. When he really loves a song he tends to play it incessantly, which drives us all nuts. I once had to "lose" a Leon Russell album behind the stereo after hearing Tight Rope one too many times. And don't get my mother started on Fields of Gold by Sting. Luckily I had already moved out of the house when he became enamored with that one!

Regardless, I am thankful for the music lessons my dad taught me. Because of him I have a great appreciation for classic country and r&b that not a lot of my peers have.

So this playlist is dedicated to my father - it has all of his favorites, even the ones he tortured us with.

*The picture is of my dad and me having our Father/Daughter dance at my wedding to Harvest Moon by Neil Young, which is one that never got too played out for me.



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