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Springtime! 2011


UPDATE: I've done it! "Springtime! 2011" now avaliable on Grooveshark! And I've even found better versions of some songs! :D



I've been a Spotify user since May 2009. Exactly 2 years after that, Spotify will start some major changes. Here is what you've just announced:

- New Spotify users will be able to enjoy our unrivalled free service as it is today for the first 6 months.

- As of May 1st, any user who signed up to the free service on or before November 1st 2010 will be able to play each track for free up to a total of 5 times. Users who signed up after the beginning of November will see these changes applied 6 months after the time they set up their Spotify account.

- Additionally, total listening time for free users will be limited to 10 hours per month after the first 6 months. That’s equivalent to around 200 tracks or 20 albums.

Let me say this straight. This is a bad idea. And I mean, REALLY bad. Look at all these people on Spotify.com pointing out the problem: THEY WILL LEAVE SPOTIFY FOREVER BECAUSE OF YOUR DECISION. Spotify will crash after that and it will never, EVER raise again. Why? You say that "people are listening to more music and from a wider range of artists than ever before, and are giving up on piracy, which is exactly what we hoped would happen". Yes, it happened. And now, because of your new rules, people will return to piracy. Genius! Genius I tell you!

Two weeks ago I was surprised with very good news: my playlist "Springtime! 2011" just toped the charts at Sharemyplaylists.com. And it still is #1. I was very happy for that and... you know what? You ruined it. Now I feel that my lists belong to other services, like Grooveshark.

The only problem is: I have dozens of playlists, some of them with hundreds of songs. It will be A LOT of hard work to manually redo all those lists at Grooveshark, but I'll do it because I LOVE MUSIC. And this change on Spotify means that YOU DON'T.

I will leave Spotify on May 1st. Very sad. Goodbye.


- Update April 11, 2011: New playlist! It's called Absolute XXL (part of my Absolute series), and it consists of very loooong songs: http://sharemyplaylists.com/absolutexxl

- Update April 4, 2011: WOW! #1 Most Played List! Thank you everyone! :D

From the creator of Autumn Days 2010 and Winter Sounds 2010/2011, here comes a playlist about the most colorful season of the year, when everything that has been sleeping wakes up. 20 songs, 3 with spanish lyrics.


Autumn Days 2010: http://sharemyplaylists.com/autumn-days-2010

Winter Sounds 2010/2011: http://sharemyplaylists.com/wintersounds20102011




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