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Strictly BASS... Part Five

The Summer Truly Is Upon Us Now.... And What Better Way To Enjoy The Hot Weather Than With Some Heavy Basslines.

Featuring Tracks & Mixes By;

Doctor P, Twisted Individual, Mustard Pimp, Jack Beats, Kylie, Rusko, A1 Bassline, Professor Green & Lily Allen, Jammer, AC Slater and many more.

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Flux Pavilion, Doctor P - Air Raid

Disaszt, Tenchu, Kos - Raise It Up

Gr-oy - Lost In Dub

Sidius, Rawkus - Elevate

Twin Atlantic - Human After All (Innerpartysystem Remix)

Ital Tek - Moment In Blue - Faltydl Remix

Krumble - Fat Girl

N-Side - Street Cred

Skynet UK - Sharp, Sharper, Sharpest

Flux Pavilion and Doctor P - Stinkfinger

Nymfo - Off The Radar

Krumble - In Memory Of

Twisted Individual - The F Word - Zen Remix

Wickaman, Mavrik - Rod Hull

Aux 88 - Mad Scientist - Jimmy Edgar remix

Borgore - My Favourite Things

Crackdown - Off Transmission

Da Hardy Boyz, Camo UFOs - Hardy Time (Camo UFOs)

Gangsta Fun - Ganja Riddim

Twisted Individual - Gimp Mask - DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix

Jack Beats - Revolution

Kaskade feat. Haley - Dynasty - Dada Life Remix

Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (XXXchange Remix)

Moments Of Darkness, Lisa Fitzgibbon - Fly - Radical Project Remix

Mr Sleepz - Spackified

R.I.O. - Mr Unpredictable - Zed Bias Remix

Toddla T - "Sky Surfing" Feat Wayne Marshall

Twisted Individual - Flesh Wound - Vital Elements Remix

Rusko, Amber Coffman - Hold On

Human Factor, T-Muniz, LLIW - Hidden Memories

Crookers, Roisin Murphy - Royal T - Foamo Instrumental

Cakeboy - Swamp Thing - Hector Hernandez Remix

Dapz - The Wobble

Krazeman - Papercut

Lyptikal - Nightmare

Molella - Change - Kombact Mix

Mustard Pimp, Hot Pink Delorean - Rock

Sickboy - Boom! - Shaved Monkeys Remix

Spooky - Little Bullet - Hollowpoint Dub

The Japanese Popstars - Destroy (Doorly Remix)

The Subs - Bang Bang Bang - Dub Mix


Xuman - Panic - Eclier Remix

AC Slater, Mumdance, 77Klash, Badness - Transatlantic Riddim (feat. Badness & 77 Klash)

Boy 8-Bit - Bulbs Burn Out - Obi Blanche Remix

Corpz - Alien Intelligence

Jammer - Back To The 90's

Proxy - Vibrate - The Bloody Beetroots Remix


DJ Twizta - Backflash

Contract Killers, Rampuch - Badman VIP

Digital Era - Dutty Ugly

A1 Bassline - Close To Me

Apollo - Apocolypse

Beatgrinders - Get The Fuck Up

Dark Sky - Drowned City

Drumagick, Ernesto - Dry Your Eyes - Kick Bass Mix

Erb n Dub, SMK, HD, Navigator, Eksman, Tony Anthem, Dr Alaska - Bar Knuckles

Gaudi - Bad Boy Bass - Bandish Projekt Remix

Greymatter, Deize Tigrona - Eu Fumo - Altered Natives Remix

Hot Noizes - Superfly

Jak A Tron - Apocalypse

Professor Green, Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green (Greenmoney's 'Colour Blind' Remix) [feat. Lily Allen]

Mischief Makers, Natalie May - Play My Game - Mischief Makes Dubstep Remix

Yellow Bastard - Power Trip

Nu Elementz, Macky Gee - Grand Theft Auto

Oliver Twizt - Rich B!tch - Original Mix

Osaro - Shut Up & Dance - Radio Killaz Remix

Prisoners Of Technology - Trick Of Technology - Sub Zero Remix 2

THE ASBO KID - Drive It Like You Stole It

Troublegum, Slicecooker, Desperate Houseboys - Let's Concrete

D.R. Dubz - Deadmice



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