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Strictly Drum And Bass... Part Fifteen

I wasn't planning on this being a bumper playlist as 100 tracks is usually quite a lot for a single playlist but it seems Christmas has come early for DNB fans on Spotify.

As I was compiling my playlist as normal I noticed that Metalheadz, Beta Recordings, Virus Records, Renegade Hardware among others had added a large quantity of material and I thought I'd share it straight away.

Some all time classics in here as well as stuff that's not been available for a LONG time. Should keep you busy for a while.

Featuring; John B, Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical, DJ Fresh, Rufige Kru, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Evol Intent, Raiden, Upbeats, Spor, Nero, dBridge, Total Science, Brookes Brothers, Alix Perez, Dillinja, B-Complex, Blame..... and loads more.



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