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The Actual Size Playlist 2

A longer playlist this time, to celebrate the longer Spring days. More vibrations which have been stirring our loins in recent months. Play loud with the window open.


Liars - Proud Evolution

Colt - Envy

Oneida - Ghost in the Room

Black Dice - Idiots Pasture

Gilbert/Hampson/Kendall - Achorst

No Age - Neck Escaper

Leisur Hive - Try To Be Still

Blank Dogs - Blaring Speeches

Excepter - Leng

Panda Bear - Bro's

Sweetie - Five

Crab Smasher - Ring Out Your Great Bells In Victory

Glenn Branca - Symphony #5: 4th Movement

HTRK - Look Down The Line

Arab On Radar - Kangaroo

Leisur Hive - On Sectional Pad

Abe Vigoda - Hyacinth Grrls

Rhys Chatham & Jonathan Kane - Bleach

Mouthus - Your Far Church

Dalek - Spiritual Healing



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