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The Soundtrack to January 2012

And as if none of that ever happened we charge, ears first, into 2012.

In a demonstration of unparalleled generosity, I'm brining you the Soundtrack to January a full 31 days before you might otherwise expect. Really, it's no problem. Happy New Year!

Already shaping up to be the greatest musical year since last, January sets the bar high and we kick off with the awesome might of Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Karen O reworking Led Zep with outstanding results. At the other end of the next three and a bit hours, on a dub-tip, Little Roy gives Nirvana a superb re-rub.

Sandwiched in between, there's new Casiokids, Girls and Post War Years.

More @iamnottheenemy and www.thesoundtrackto.tumblr.com

This is the soundtrack to the next 31 days. This is the Soundtrack to January 2012.



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