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The Soundtrack to September 2013

All dressed up and with everywhere to go. Would you take a look at September.

We start with Outfit. Obvs. Where did they come from? 'House on Fire' is killer. Make sure you dig deeper – listen to the album.

Things get noisy with a hell of a lot of good time rock 'n' roll from the Sonics through to Miraculous Mule to R Stevie Moore, if that's your thing.

Don't miss Tythe, Banks and Diana if you're fit for some BMP mediation. Taking it all down to 120 and locking it there.

Meanwhile the lyrical wonderment Of Ghostpoet will take you to a trance of another sort. Another of those albums of the year, yeah?

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Come on, are you ready yet? This is the Soundtrack to September 2013



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