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The Strokes

Albert Hammond Jr

Nickel Eye

Little Joy

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The Strokes – You Only Live Once

The Strokes – Juicebox

The Strokes – Heart in a Cage

The Strokes – Razorblade

The Strokes – On the Other Side

The Strokes – Vision of Division

The Strokes – Ask Me Anything

The Strokes – Electricityscape

The Strokes – Killing Lies

The Strokes – Fear of Sleep

The Strokes – 15 Minutes

The Strokes – Ize of the World

The Strokes – Evening Sun

The Strokes – Red Light

The Strokes – What Ever Happened?

The Strokes – Reptilia

The Strokes – Automatic Stop

The Strokes – 12:51

The Strokes – You Talk Way Too Much

The Strokes – Between Love & Hate

The Strokes – Meet Me in the Bathroom

The Strokes – Under Control

The Strokes – The End Has No End

The Strokes – The Way It Is

The Strokes – I Can't Win

The Strokes – Is This It

The Strokes – The Modern Age

The Strokes – Soma

The Strokes – Barely Legal

The Strokes – Someday

The Strokes – Alone, Together

The Strokes – Last Nite

The Strokes – Hard to Explain

The Strokes – New York City Cops

The Strokes – Trying Your Luck

The Strokes – Take It or Leave It

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Bargain of a Century

Albert Hammond, Jr. – In My Room

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Lisa

Albert Hammond, Jr. – GFC

Albert Hammond, Jr. – The Boss Americana

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Rocket

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Victory at Monterey

Albert Hammond, Jr. – You Won't Be Fooled by This

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Spooky Couch

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Borrowed Time

Albert Hammond, Jr. – G Up

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Miss Myrtle

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Peter Sellers

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Cartoon Music for Superheroes (Goodnight)

Albert Hammond, Jr. – In Transit

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Everyone Gets a Star

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Bright Young Thing

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Blue Skies

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Back to the 101

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Call an Ambulance

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Scared

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Holiday

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Hard to Live (In the City)

Little Joy – The Next Time Around

Little Joy – Brand New Start

Little Joy – Play The Part

Little Joy – No One’s Better Sake

Little Joy – Unattainable

Little Joy – Shoulder To Shoulder

Little Joy – With Strangers

Little Joy – Keep Me In Mind

Little Joy – How To Hang A Warhol

Little Joy – Don’t Watch Me Dancing

Little Joy – Evaporar

Nickel Eye – Intro

Nickel Eye – You And Everyone Else

Nickel Eye – Back From Exile

Nickel Eye – Fountain Avenue

Nickel Eye – This Is The End

Nickel Eye – Dying Star

Nickel Eye – Brandy Of The Damned

Nickel Eye – Providence, RI

Nickel Eye – Where The Cold Wind Blows

Nickel Eye – Another Sunny Afternoon

Nickel Eye – Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

Nickel Eye – These Days - Bonus Track



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