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The Soundtrack to 2010

2010 done.

50 tracks to brand a year that heard everything from dazzling debuts by Darwin Deez and Janelle Monae to the return of the old guard: Massive Attack and the Chemical Brothers.

The electronic reimagining of Kelis, to the heart-felt folk of Lissie.

From the breathless beats of Deadmau5 and Caribou to the soulfully hypnotic warmth of Chief and Beach House.

Statistically, individual months have been represented in the Soundtrack to 2010 with hugely varying results. From the outstanding month of March, with nine tracks featured, to September, distinct lacking in any contribution what so ever. (Must try harder in 2011, September.)

Since you’re about to ask, the single of the year was the both blissful and euphoric ‘Spanish Sahara’ by Foals, IMHO. But each of the 50 tracks in this three-and-a-bit hours-long playlist is a glistening highlight of the year gone by. Each track has been carefully chosen. Trust me, I sweated over this damn list, so please do enjoy. And if I missed your favourite, my slight apologies.

2011 shall see more warbling from @iamnottheenemy on the twitter. As well as more meaty offerings at thesoundtrackto.tumblr.com. Do drop by, it’d be lovely to hear from you. And to all those who already have over any of the previous posts and playlists, for your comments, suggestions and retweets, thank you.

‘The Soundtrack to…’ will continue. In the meantime, Happy New Year, this is the Soundtrack to 2010.



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