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The Soundtrack to December 2010

Your December stuffed into 50 tracks and 22 days. Lightly seasoned with a sprinkling of festive offerings peeled from the Moshi Moshi Phil Spector homage.

There are also tracks to keep you sane through the festive mayhem. Enjoy the blissful tranquillity of Warpaint and The Bees. Or drown out the noise with the excellent coupling of Lykke Li into Anna Calvi. Made for one another. Somewhere in between sit a taste Jamie XX’s reworking of Gil Scott-Heron’s album and Booka Shade.

Should anything come your way over Christmas, don’t forget my inbox. twitter.com/iamnottheenemy and thesoundtrackto.tumblr.com may be quiet over the next week or so. However, the Soundtrack to 2010 is everything you wished for and almost wrapped up. Watch this space on New Year’s Eve.

Till then, this is the Soundtrack to December 2010.

Merry Christmas, y’all.



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