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Xan Phillips presents "Look Out !"

The loss of the Titanic was felt the most in Southampton with 600 crew from the city perishing when that majestic cruiser sank.

Almost every street had someone on that ship and their story is well know within the south coast port, but beyond their plight is lost amongst the glamour of the first class passengers and Hollywood's retelling of the event.

In this edition of "Xan Phillips presents" you will hear the full stage production of "Look Out! Southampton's Titanic story in song" - 26 original compositions, by three local songwriters, that focus on the crew and families of the doomed ocean liner.

"Look Out!" approaches this subject from a unique perspective and brings to life those moments leading up to the maiden voyage, the collision and the events that followed.

This song-cycle was written by Brian Hooper, Jeff Henry and Barry Wake, who perform it with the White Star Line-Up.



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