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100 Best Songs of the 1980's

100 best Songs Of the 1980’s

A good playlist is hard to make. A good playlist that capture all the best genres, artists and songs during a decade in a best-of-order is even harder.

The biggest challenge is to make a playlist with both insight and personality. The problem with many lists are that the list maker have focused too much on nostalgia and simply made a list of the songs he or she listened to during the decade. Another common mistake is that he or she simply have put the most important music during the decade on a list and called it a “best of”. Although the songs on the lists are good, most of them are too well known and “over played” to be interesting. All these lists tend to look the same.

I hope that my playlists of the decades’ 100 best songs are good. They are not a result of what I listened to and liked at the time, as much as a result of all the music I've listened to and liked since then. A certain amount of nostalgia remains, but all the songs that I have picked out during the project have been compared to the 10 000s songs I have left out. And most important, the music on the lists, is the music I like.

I like to think that I am a pretty good Playlist maker. Both because of my interest in music and because my 30 years’ experience of making various kinds of mix tapes.

My love for mix tapes began during the mid to late 80’s. At that time, I listened almost exclusively to rap music, but to some extent also on the pop music that was played on School dances and also to older music, Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll, from my dad's record collection.As my interest grew, I started to build a music collection of my own. Mostly I recorded it on tape of the radio, but sometimes I saved my pocket money to buy an LP and more often I got a mix tape of a friend. The best music I collected on various mix tapes, which I then shared with my friends.

Throughout the 90's my taste in music broadened to include other genres, such as Soul, Rock, Blues, Folk and Country. I listened to both new and old music. During this period I also started to read music magazines, going to gigs and buy CDs. Mix tapes, however, was still a great source of inspiration as well as outlet for my interest.

In the 2000s, my music consumption was revolutionized by extended availability. Much of the music I became interested of was by this period available to download for free of the Internet (and yes, I downloaded large quantities). This affected my taste in music, it was widened even more, and the quest to discover new music exploded. Mix tapes, still a great source of inspiration and outlet, changed shape during the 00s. First it got the shape of mix CD's, then torrent files, then (for a short period) mix MD's and finally, towards the end of the decade, it transformed into playlists on Spotify.

Today, through Spotify, I have quick access to more music than I ever could have dreamed of and the ability to make and take part of other peoples’ ”mix tapes" is greater than ever. Hence my own lists, often in the form of 100 or 200-best lists are much more perceptive today than they have ever been.

The 100 songs on each list represent what in my opinion was the best music that was made during the 80s, 90s and 00s.

This is my 80's list. Enjoy! And please show me what your list look like.



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