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14 tracks that make you wish you played the piano

<p>One of my favorite selections by <a href="http://14tracks.com/selections/11-14_tracks_that_make_you_wish_you_played_the_piano">14tracks.com</a>. A few tracks from the selection are missing since they are not (yet) available on Spotify.</p><p>Piano music has gone in and out of fashion at the independent end of the spectrum more times than we'd care to count. The tidal wave of solo piano music that hit us as soon as Aphex Twin released his "Drukqs" album a few years back was at times a little hard to stomach, but also gave us some truly incredible music that's gone on to soundtrack many a late night and quiet gathering, as well as numerous adverts and films edited with a keen ear for exceptional new music. This selection collects some of those remarkable tracks, as well as standout material spanning classical music, hip hop and modern day experimentation - all revolving around the piano...</p>



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