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1980 UK Top 100

Top 100 of 1980, from number 1, to 100.

One of a series of mine that I am steadily compiling going back to to 70s. Watch out for more.

These are "THE OFFICIAL CHARTS COMPANY" UK top 100 lists, in correct order, as provided in the iOS app "TimeWheel" available on the App Store. The charts are copyright of the above company. No copyright infringement is intended, the lists are compiled as Spotify playlists for entertainment, curiosity, and archival purposes only.

(Some tracks will not be available, since they're not on Spotify. I've substituted karaoke versions sometimes, and sometimes my original playlists included rare tracks I have as MP3's on my computer. Therefore, they won't show up in the playlists here, and some "Top 100"s may show less than 100 tracks. (e.g. 97 tracks instead of 100.))



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