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8-bit and chiptunes

Bit Shifter – Antenna

Covox – Computer Love

Firestarter – Computer World (Computer Welt)

Henry Homesweet – Cuddle Me - Henry Homesweet

Henry Homesweet – DanceFloor64 - Henry Homesweet

Neotericz – Electric Cafe

Bubblyfish – It's More Fun To Compute

Oliver Wittchow – Kristallo

Unicorn Kid – Midnight Harvest - Unicorn Kid

Venix – Pixl - Venix

Nullsleep – The Model

Bacalao – The Robots (Die Roboter)

Receptors – Trans Europe Express

the best selection of both 8-bit and chiptune music.

A chiptune, or chip music, is music written in sound formats where all the sounds are synthesized in real time by a computer or video game console sound chip, instead of using sample-based synthesis. The "golden age" of chiptunes was the mid-1980s to early 1990s, when such sound chips were the most common method for creating music on computers. Chiptunes are closely related to video game music, which often featured chiptunes out of necessity. The term has also been recently applied to more recent compositions that attempt to recreate the chiptune sound for purely aesthetic reasons, albeit with more complex technology.

8-bit refers to a style of electronic music inspired (and performed) by the sound of old computer consoles from the 8 bit era of video games. This music will often reflect sounds from technology that is seen as primitive or "outdated" such as the Game Boy and home made synthesizers.



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