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Electronic body music (EBM) or Industrial Dance is a music genre that combines elements of industrial music and electronic dance music. It tends to attract goths and other PVC and leather-clad subversives, as well as electro and <a HREF="http://www.sharemyplaylists.com/afronts-futurepop/">futurepop</a> fans looking for a harder edge.

EBM grew out of earlier industrial music in the early 90s, spearheaded by bands like Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, and Front Line Assembly. As it evolved to include metal, rock, and other influences, the style spawned sub-genres such as electro-industrial, aggrotech, dark electro, dance metal, and (some would say) even goa and <a HREF="http://www.sharemyplaylists.com/afronts-in-a-trance/">psychedelic trance</a>.

This playlist features 44 of my favourite EBM and industrial tracks on Spotify. It's roughly chronological and features all the EBM heavyweights as well as many of the next-generation EBM bands particularly championed by Germany's Out of Line and SPV labels.


Throbbing Gristle – Industrial Introduction

D.A.F. – Sex unter Wasser

Nitzer Ebb – Violent Playground

Ministry – You Know What You Are

Skinny Puppy – Rodent

Front Line Assembly – Overkill

Front 242 – Moldavia

VNV Nation – Circling Overhead

And One – Panzermensch

Leæther Strip – Strap me down

Assemblage 23 – Naked (God Module remix)

Laibach – Tanz mit Laibach

Nitzer Ebb – Blood Money

Turnbull A.C's – Man Made Modern Machines

Fixmer/McCarthy – Come Inside

Sturm Café – Mozart - Ideal

Orange Sector – Body Bag

Jäger 90 – Stiefelblitz

Spetsnaz – Dead Angle

Proceed – Laut

Cryo – Does It Hurt

Destroid – Bird of Prey

Terror Punk Syndicate – Dysmorphia (version)

SITD – Stammheim

Wumpscut – Broken

Funker Vogt – Faster Life

Reaper – Urnensand

Soman – Twister

Rotersand – I Cry (Rework)

Grendel – Void Malign

Combichrist – Can’t Change The Beat (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)

Northborne – Baby Needs Coke

Suicide Commando – Fuck You Bitch (TB Mix)

Hocico – A Fatal Desire

Die Krupps – Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn (KMFDM remix)

Kloq – I Never Said

XP8 – Our Time

Container 90 – Barcrawler

Aesthetic Perfection – Spit It Out

Front Line Assembly – Stürm

Frozen Plasma – Warmongers

Muscle and Hate – Control I´m Here

Front 242 – Happiness (More Angels)

Grendel – Outro

Note this is a redux of my earlier <a HREF="http://www.sharemyplaylists.com/spot-welding-industrial-ebm/">Spot Welding</a><a> playlist from back in April.

Cover from "</a><a HREF="http://open.spotify.com/album/78iRrKdt1GEiLMW3FZ0KqZ">Caustic Grip</a>" by Front Line Assembly.

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