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PsyTrance and Psybient are two sides of the same electronic genre. Wikipedia says that psytrance (also known as Psychedelic Trance or Goa Trance) has "hypnotic arrangements of synthetic rhythms and mesmerizing melodies." It originated in the mid-90s on the beaches of Goa on the Indian subcontinent, but was later popularised in Israel and the UK. It has now progressed into Sweden and Australia where the best of the current psy and progressive artists come from.

Psybient (or psychill), on the other hand, is psytrance without the beats: it's usually ambient or dub but with a new-age feel and often feaures real instruments to complement the electronics.

Spotify was badly under-representing these genres until May 2009. Now, with labels such as Twisted, Iboga, Platipus, and Tribal Vision, electronic psychedelic music has finally arrived on Spotify.

This playlist features some of my favourite tracks from these two diverse and ever-changing genres. The playlist begins with some gentler psy to get you started, then moves into higher-tempo psychedelic and progressive trance, before closing with a selection of chilled psybient tunes to send you back to dreamland.


Shpongle – Dorset Perception

Infected Mushroom – Dancing With Kadafi

Solar Fields – Infection 268-7

<b>PsyTrance Side</b>

Astrix – Beyond The Senses

Astral Projection – Dancing Galaxy

Eat Static – Gulf Breeze

Tristan – Lost &amp; Profound

Prometheus – Mekong Delta

Space Cat – Bit Cruncher

X-Dream – Our Own Happiness

Quadra – Pulverturm 3.0

Future Prophecy – Sound Like A Melody

Timelock – 10,000 Fahrenheit

Day.Din – Domdigga

Perfect Stranger – Morning Blues (Ace Ventua Remix)

Ace Ventura – M.A.R.S. (Gaudium Remix)

Liquid Soul – Global Illumination

Son Kite - Let Us Be (Fatali Remix)

Koxbox – No More Ghosts

Vibrasphere – Analog Marinade

Infected Mushroom – Shakawkaw (Vibe Tribe Remix)

<b>Psybient Side</b>

Hallucinogen – Mi-Loony-Um (A Floating Butterfly Stings Like A Bee Mix)

Ott – From Trunch To Stromness

Eat Static – UFO Over Trenchtown

Shpongle – Divine Moments Of Truth

Tripswitch – Tachyon (Codemonkey's Cosmic Rumba Mix)

Abakus – A Whole New Way Of Looking At The Day

Kuba – Freak Controle

Aes Dana – Opalin

Carbon Based Lifeforms – MOS 6581

Bluetech – Elementary Particles

Vibrasphere – Ensueno

Cell – T-ion (Part II) - Live Version

Solar Fields – Sol

Quietman – Summit Temple

Cover from "<a HREF="http://open.spotify.com/album/78iRrKdt1GEiLMW3FZ0KqZ">IM the Supervisor</a>" by Infected Mushroom.

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