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Alexis (Hot Chip) - Artist Playlist

Alexis shares his playlist of favourite jams and deep cuts that provided inspiration for In Our Heads, complete with a track-by-track of the highlights.

Robert Owens – “Bring Down The Walls”: An exciting and sexy house record from a long time ago.

Epic Soundtracks feat. Robert Ellidge (Wyatt) – “Jelly Babies”: One of my favourite discoveries from Robert Wyatt’s (related) back catalogue… and an inspiration for our song of the same name that Japanese people will be able to buy in June.

D’Angelo: “Playa Playa”: D’Angelo loves Prince, and on the following track prince repays the debt…

Michael Jackson – Don't Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (Original Demo from 1978)”: The raw sound of The Jackson at their best. Arthur Russell would have loved this.

Diana Ross – “I'm Coming Out”: You can feel the influence of this and other Nile Rodgers on “Don’t Deny Your Heart” and “How Do You Do?” from our album.

Beach Boys – “Cainessence”: In the back of our minds most of the time, the colourful and playful productions of the Beach Boys. This song and the next are good indicators of what “Now There Is Nothing” has to do with, in terms of guitar chords/timbre.

R. Kelly – “Reality”: Ditto. Listen to this on your on.

Win Win feat. Lizzi Bougatos – “ReleaseRPM”: Inspirational and joyful. A great release. She sings with us at the end of In Our Heads.



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