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Alternative and Not So Alternative World

I pulled together a selection of 290 tracks from almost eighty favorite musicians from around the world. Many of these are artists I heard played on community radio station WPKN-FM, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where I've been hosting a radio show for over twenty years. The only criteria were that the music is from countries other than the United States and non-English lyrics. My tastes run towards alternative music (however that may be defined), so you'll find selections from psychedelic Brazilian artists Os Mutantes (the mutants), Brigitte Fontaine (France), Iva Bittova (Czechoslovakia), the late great Lhasa de Sela (Canada/United States/France), and SMOD, the Malian trio whose Manu Chao-produced CD was released this past summer. Thanks for listening, and I welcome recommendations for additional artists to add.



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