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Best of 2013 (Top 100+)

So we're almost halfway through 2013 and it's been another solid year of great music; both debuts from new artists to continued sweet releases from the seasoned veterans. This is a continuously updated playlist that will ultimately contain close to 150 songs. This playlist jumps around genres that include alternative, indie, singer/songwriter, and regrettably, pop. Of course my hope is that you'll discover some new tracks you've never heard before! Be sure to check out <a href="best-of-2011-5">Best of 2011 (Top 100+) </a> and <a href="best-of-2012-top-100">Best of 2012 (Top 100+) </a>. Please don't hesitate to send a track my way that you feel is worth considering for inclusion within this playlist. Enjoy!



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