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Dead-Aid - Probably my favourite song of Euros Childs. It always moves me, especially the line 'the dead just keep coming' and the strange organ/woodwind notes about 2 minutes in.

Bubble - There's so much i love about this song. As a song, the lyrics and melody are perfect and so moving but the way they've set it out with Jon's strange beat and choice of instruments makes it so special.

Would You Have Me Born With Wooden Eyes - If only for the line 'if every other line was true' at about a minute in. The song almost falls into the instruments that enter.

Two Sunset - This is such a sweet song, it's very subtle in its changes and i love the way it's produced. It sounds like childhood to me.

Song for Jo - This one is similar to bubble, it's a very unique production. Also it's just very cool, i love her voice and it really reminded me of Windy and Carl.

Atmosphere - It's just the ultimate Joy Division song.

Hanging High - I love Lykke, i think she's a real modern great. This songs quite ugly to sit through because of what its about but i really love it.

Oblivion - I like this for so many reasons, it was a real challenge for me when i first heard it. It sounded like a mess and i couldn't understand why i liked it but i did and i do, i think she's a genius.

The Rip - This is one of my favourite songs and pieces of music. I remember being totally blown away by the melody first time i heard it, then the synths and drums came in and it just knocked me out.

Beautiful Mind - When the Verve were untouchable, making music like no one else and playing on what they were good at.

Ocean Rain - Think this is my favourite Bunnymen tune, the words are so brilliant. The whole track is so brave and out there. It really sounds like the artwork looks.

Circling The Sun - Norman Blake and Euros Childs….that's enough.

I Don't Want Control Of You - My favourite Teenage Fanclub song. When he says 'it doesn't matter to me' dunno why but it just sounds so great. It's such a great thing to say to someone that you love too.

Out Of Time - I just really like the ramones but most of their tunes are a bit shit. This is a brilliant cover

Jeans Not Happening - The guitar at the start of this one is so brilliant and the palies seem quite over looked in the rest of the country, so i stuck them in.

Duchess - I love the stranglers, this isn't their best but it's the one i like most. I like the line 'the rodneys are cueing up and they all want to win the cup'.

Neighbours - I always thought this was Mick Head almost apologising to his daughter for living in such a terrible area or something. I'm probably miles off like.

Happy Land - Warren Ellis' violin on this!! It's tricky to work out what he's doing and even harder to imagine how you could write that.

Breathless - Maybe Nick Caves most perfect song. The words could be William Blake or Keats. It's so beautiful.

Last Years Man - I could have picked any Leonard Cohen song, they all mean so much to me. So i just went with this one because i was enjoying listening to it. It's so delicate.

Wild Mountain Thyme - This is up there with Dead-aid for my favourite song ever. It hits a part of me, i think it reminds me of holidays in Scotland as a child. It sounds like it couldn't have been written, i can't explain it.

Authentic Celestial Music - This is just original music, its moving and thoughtful and daring like everything Dirty Three do.

Five Variants of 'Dives and Lazurus' - My favourite composer, and this is so beyond me. Around 1:40 something happens that sounds like magic to me. Every turning point in the piece is perfect. It just sounds like Britain to me.

Cello Concerto in E Minor - This has a similar feeling to the Vaughn Williams piece. It's impossible to hear and not have images take you mind away. I can't really say much about it. The main hook that you recognise is to me the ultimate chorus and the crescendo at the end is just chilling.



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