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Detroit’s Not Bankrupt In Sound

On July 18, 2013, Detroit filed the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history by debt at an estimated $18–20 billion. This once vibrant town of General Motors and Motown Records was officially declared a wasteland. Some say that the heyday of this city in the 1950s will never return. But I say any city that was built Ford tough and on rock and roll will rise once again!

Thankfully, my friend, who is both a Detroit native and budding musician, agrees with me. So we orchestrated a themed affair in honor of the many fine things that call Detroit home. Naturally, music was a focal point. In addition to my friend’s live performance, this playlist I created with songs about the city or by some of its most famous performers played throughout the night. With tunes ranging from Motown essentials to modern rock, and everything in between, this playlist is a wonderful reminder that, while Detroit may be suffering, it will always have the lust for life that only great music can provide.



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